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planning with MagnEtic boards

Keep your planning on the right track – Lineplanner is tailored to your own ideas and special needs.

planning with magnetic boards

Many functional possibilities

The Lineplanner is, in many respects, a versatile system which is not limited to specific types of applications or timings.
For your convenience, the Lineplanner has a highlighted background, which is divided into 1 cm wide columns and title insets, which enable you to create your own time axis, just the way you need.

lineplanner magnetic boards

Rotating panels

The Lineplanner module design is Efficienta’s invention making it an extremely versatile system. Reached the end of the board? Just remove the left panel from the rail, remove the text plates and set the panel on the right edge. In this way you can maintain a continuous display of the planned activities.

rotating panels magnetic planning board

Unique profile lines

The panels are not flat, rather have a unique profile that holds the text plates in the correct position. The system consists of one 10-column wide index panel, and three 35-column wide planning panels, a rail for the wall and accessories. Each panel has 65 horizontal lines and provides a maximum of 7,475 planning points.

profile lines on magnetic planning board

Magnetic text plates

The Lineplanner comes complete with magnetic text plates in 6 light colours. A simple touch is all that is needed to move the text plates and make sure that the planning is up-to-date. Undesired vertical movements of the text plates are protected through the profile lines on the board. The Lineplanner always gives you a correct picture because the text plates can be placed on and between the lines.

text plates on magnetic planning board

Reuse the text plates

It is also possible to write on the text plates with the enclosed pens. It gives an additional dimension to your planning, and you derive even more data from your planning board. You can easily wipe the text with a damp cloth.

reusable text plates for magnetic planning board

Break off the text plates

The text plates have a standard length of 20 cm. However, it is easy to break them in centimetre intervals to achieve the desired length. This is just one way in which Lineplanner can be adapted to your needs.

split the text plates for magnetic planning board

A complete planning system in a box

1 index panel (10 cm) wide
3 planning modules (each 35-cm wide)
1680 cm narrow magnetic text plates (10 mm high and 20 cm long)
in six colours: 16 x red, 16 x white, 16 x yellow, 12 x orange, 12 x blue and 12 x green
220 cm broad text plates, 20 mm high and each 20 cm long in white colour for the index panel
115 cm long rail and mounting material
range dimensions for mounting the rails and alignment of columns

complete planning system with magnetic board planner