History - The history about the company - Efficienta

History of the company

Lennart Olovsson started as a salesman at SLT in 1990, where among others, he sold bookkeeping systems and payroll systems. The company had a widely varied clientele and always had a small but stable profit. With the onset of computers, the range increased gradually with computer accessories and various archives, for municipalities.

Later when SLT was sold, Lennart was responsible for running the Malmö office, which he did successfully for five years.

Then he got a chance to run the organisation as a separate company and choose a product range and direction. With more and more advanced software programs, the archiving work reduced, due to which he chose to invest more and more in various planning products. Among other things, he succeeded in negotiating the sole agency for the Efficienta brand, which is a Dutch product. This product series has recently become a key part of the company's range, and has also become the company’s name.

The company has gradually expanded its market to Norway and Finland as well, where there are many customers today. It has also expanded its range and among others included products such as the 5S system and the T-card system.